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    Good afternoon, HOST families!

    TEAM info:

    • Our End-of-Season party is Sunday, July 31st – be sure to sign up for the potluck if you have not yet done so.
    • We will have a few Board positions open for next year. It’s a good time and much easier to understand the intricacies of a swim season from the inside out. Join us! Shoot me an email if you’re interested or have questions, and I’ll regale you with tales of how being a HOST Board member has been truly life-changing and inspires me every day to be my best self, you know, if you’re into that kind of thing.
    • We are still collecting money for Coaches’ gifts, so if you haven’t had a chance to donate, you can find Beth Hasty or Kimberly McIntyre and press some cold hard cash into their hands, or you can submit your donation online at: https://host-hampton-oaks-swim-team.square.site/product/coaches-gift/106?cs=true&cst=custom
    • We need a few more people to review the Scholarship submissions and choose our recipients for this year. If you can help, please let me know! It will literally take ten minutes of your time.
    • Don’t forget that you have the opportunity to provide feedback about our team and our coaches. We really do use this feedback make improvements and administrative decisions, so please take the time to complete these evaluations:

    If you do not have a swimmer in finals, feel free to stop reading now!

    MEET info (Finals):

    One week from today, we will be poolside, cheering on our speedy swimmers at the championship meet, otherwise known as FINALS!

    I have a tiggity-ton of information to share with you about Finals, so please be sure to read through to the end:

    • Finals will be held at Curtis Park this year. The pool and the spectator areas are entirely outdoors, and we will be there for the better part of the day, so please be sure to plan accordingly and bring the following: tents, umbrellas, chairs, sunscreen, and WATER
    • We will set up a tented area for our swimmers and have some coolers with water available for the swimmers. Parents should not be in this tented area, but we will have two “Tent Parents” to keep an eye on any shenanigans and help the swimmers, as needed.
    • The pool at Curtis Park is shaped like a cross, and the lanes will bump up against the diving well. The water may be deeper than your swimmer is used to if they’re swimming in a lane that is close to the diving well. Additionally, the blocks at Curtis Park are rumored to be VERY high. Please prep your swimmers for these potentially surprising situations and reassure them that a) they can swim and will not drown despite swimming in deep water, and b) they do not have to dive off of the blocks.
    • The meet will be held in three sessions, with 10 and under in Session 1, 11 and older in Session 3, and mixed age relays, etc. in Session 2. If you only have kids ages 10 and under or 11 and older, you may only have swimmers in one or two sessions and do not have to be at the pool for the whole meet. For the rest of us lucky, lucky parents with swimmers across both age groups, plan to be there for the long haul. If you get tired or bored, come find me, and I’ll tell you a bad dad joke. I’ll start one now: two peanuts walked into a bar…
    • Please keep the sessions in mind when volunteering and also keep in mind that times are an ESTIMATE! Volunteer sign up opens tomorrow at 8am.

    I think that’s plenty for now. Please let me know if you have any questions!!

    GO HOST!

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    New for the 2022 Season we will be using the SwimTopia App for our Team Alerts. Please download the SwimTopia Mobile App to receive Team Alerts for weather delays and Meet alerts. You can also sign up for meets, view your volunteer commitments, live meet status, meet results, and more. MORE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND HERE: SwimTopia App / Team Alerts

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