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The Volunteer Policy for the 2021 Swim Season

Volunteers are critical to the running of our swim meets. Competitive swimming requires parents to be actively involved in all aspects of our swim meets. Timers, judges, concessions attendants, announcers, starters, and scorekeepers are a few of the positions which are filled by parent volunteers. Volunteering is a requirement for our team.

Parents will be required to volunteer for EVERY SWIM MEET in which their child(ren) participate(s). Further, they must volunteer to support the Division Finals if my child(ren) participates. Penalty for non-compliance of the volunteer policy WILL RESULT IN THE REMOVAL of the swimmer in the meet events.

Volunteer positions for each meet will be assigned by the volunteer coordinator. If you are new to the team or have special requirements, please talk to our volunteer coordinator, EMILY HALL (Emily.m.hall@gmail.com), who will fit you into a position where you will be best suited, and will work best for your family.

Hampton Oaks Swim Team has a system for keeping track of all your volunteering time. You must sign up for your volunteer position on line under the tab “job signup” at least 48 hours prior to the meet start time. 48 hours prior to the meet the volunteer coordinator will receive the swim coaches roster and families that have not signed up for a position will be assigned a position if their child is swimming in the meet.

The board understands that there may be circumstances that conflict with this obligation. Please keep your Volunteer Coordinator informed so that there are no misunderstandings. We cannot run these meets without the assistance of every family!!

If you are unable to volunteer you must write an email 48 hours prior to the meet. Please include your name, phone number and your swimmer(s) name and age.The volunteer coordinator will first try to find a way how you can help (for example prepare food ahead for concessions etc.) or possibly have you work two positions the next meet. The Board will be notified of any arrangements of this type.

If there is a last minute change due to an emergency (sickness, work schedule, running late for your shift etc.) you need to call or text the Volunteer Coordinator, EMILY HALL (Emily.m.hall@gmail.com). Please note that you might have to work TWO positions (possible both sessions) of another meet if you miss your commitment.

!!!!! If you miss your volunteer commitment without notifying the team, your swimmer will not swim the events of that meet !!!! At the meet volunteers must check in with the Volunteer Coordinator 15 min before their shift. This is very important, the Volunteer Coordinator needs to know who is ready for their shift. This will alleviate the Volunteer Coordinator to have to try and “hunt down” volunteers. Training for particular positions (i.e. starter, stroke and turn judge, referee, head timer) is available prior to the beginning of our season. These "trained" volunteer positions are not difficult and are essential to running the meets. Each team is required to have trained volunteers - please consider helping your team and learning more about the sport of swimming! Please contact EMILY HALL (Emily.m.hall@gmail.com) for more information about these positions. Information about RSL training dates will be posted when it is available.

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