All the meet info and pretty, pretty graphics

    Hey all!

    I know you're sitting around, as one does, thinking about this weekend's meet. Us, too! So we've prepared, for your reading enjoyment, the ultimate in RSL Finals Meet Information. (insert cheering crowd sound here)

    Don't know when to show up? In there.

    Don't know where you're going? Covered in detail!

    Don't know how the day will unfold? Yep, that's in there, too.

    Don't know what your kid should bring? We've got you covered!

    Don't know who your kid is? Um...that's not on us. :)

    Don't know why you agreed to any of this??? Yeah, we've asked ourselves the same thing...

    (if you're keeping track, I worked in all of the important W questions, even the H)

    Ok, so read it, learn it, love it, commit it to memory or print it out or screenshot it or just have this email handy to access though I cannot guarantee anything about cell service or wifi. Bottom line - this is important, so don't lose it. You can lose your mind, you can lose your sense of smell if you have covid (I did!), but don't lose this document.

    Four more days - it's the FI-NAL(S) countdown!!!!

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    New for the 2022 Season we will be using the SwimTopia App for our Team Alerts. Please download the SwimTopia Mobile App to receive Team Alerts for weather delays and Meet alerts. You can also sign up for meets, view your volunteer commitments, live meet status, meet results, and more. MORE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND HERE: SwimTopia App / Team Alerts

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