Important - RSL Trained Volunteer Positions

    Hey Hey, Swim Fans!

    One of the many positive changes for this swim season is that ALL training for ALL of our RSL volunteer positions can be completed online! Are we picturing you in your bathrobe, Cheeto dust on your fingertips, as you sit in the semi-dark and complete this (these!) epic training(s)? Maybe. Are we judging you? Of course not! Well, not for this, anyway. Actually, we're hoping you will LOVE this new format enough to train for every position since this new format should be both convenient and timesaving. If you're feeling really motivated, get a group of friends together and train in tandem. With pizza. Mmmm, pizza.

    Pizza and bathrobes aside, other benefits of this online training opportunity are as follows:

    • 1)No more driving!!
    • 2)It more or less checks the box of "this could have been an email."
    • 3)You'll never have a conflict or miss your chance to be a volunteer extraordinaire! You can train throughout the entire season!

    Can you train for more than one RSL position, you ask? Great question - I would love to answer that for you. YES!!! The following positions are absolutely necessary to run our meets, and it's incredibly helpful (like greasing the pan level helpful) to have a cache of volunteers to pull from.

    These distinguished roles are:

    Referee (you're the ish, the head, the big kahuna - all meet business goes through you. this role is perfect for CEOs of major corporations and moms, who, let's face it, are CEOs of major corporations)

    Starter (are you bossy? are you known to rock a microphone? then this one's for you)

    Stroke and Turn (the know-it-alls of the pool deck. no illegal strokes are getting by you! Yep, you're cocky and you know it, and we love you for it)

    Scorekeeper (for some reason, we don't just swim for fun. We swim for points. We swim to WIN - ok it's really not that serious, but someone has to be in charge of making sure those times are recorded fairly and correctly)

    Clerk of Course (Ever herded cats? Eant to? Sign up here. I mean, someone's got to get those tiny heinies to the right lane or the whole system would breakdown. The ref might think they're in charge, but they're nowhere without a competent team on chaos management duty)

    Head Timer (Do you have two hands? Can you operate two stopwatches simultaneously? Can you responsibly watch THE TIMERS and not the swimmers? Then you can do this job. Oh, and you also get to boss the timers around - who wouldn't love that?)

    If you have been trained in any of these positions before, you can complete your training for this season at any time. New league requirements state that all positions must train each and every season. All training courses can be found on the RSL website under the training tab: RSL TRAINING. New trainees are also encouraged to begin training asap - reply to this email with any questions you may have.

    Thank you so much for getting this far! We aim to entertain you into training. Next time we have to ask, we're taking a guilt angle. And remember - we can’t run our meets without you, our amazing parent volunteers, so don't let your kids down! (just practicing for the guilt email).

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